E2046 opened in 2000, is an online store located in Hong Kong, mainly focuses on delivering high quality Japanese anime-related modelling kits (Garage Kits, GK) and related products. Offer greatest selection of this kind of commodity & becomes popular in enthusiast. Top quality, reasonable prices and exceptional customer services earned us supports from all over the world.

In 2006, a partial of members hesitated against GK due to lack of time in model building & painting. E2046 decided to create a new brand " Gathering " which is 100% high quality hand-painted resin kits. 

In the same year, we also brought up a product line named " ORI " which include design, sculpture, producing and selling with own original figures. In 2007, we successfully expanded into 3 series with different styles: "Fashion", "Darkness" and "Elegance". To take our steps further, "Change" and "Infinity" were also commenced to be more space for design different kind of products.

In 2010, we established our sub-office in Shenzhen, China to provide better support in merchadising, customer service, communication ... etc.

A decade experience to run online and proud of good relationship with partners, workshops and suppliers. We are looking forward to keep on growing & get better prospects.

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