Brands / What is Gathering
What is Gathering?

Gathering is high quality hand-painted resin figure.

Sample Inspection - You Get What You Saw from the Sample: Quality Guaranteed
Professional Painting - Excellent Painting Suits the Actual Needs
100% Handcrafted - Bring It Closer to Original
Firm Packing - Adequate Bubble Foam Along with Card Board Packing Ensure Safety
Limited Edition - Great Collecting Value
Public Praise - Thumb Up Seen from Members Worldwide
Media Appearance - Great Reviews by Leading Model Magazines
Competitive Price - Best Price for Best Quality
After Sale Service - Specialists Offer Excellent Service

Plenty of potential GK customers hestiate about purchasing as they do not have enough time for building. Thus, E2046 decided to offer an extra choice to the market in 2006 by inventing the brand of Gathering with competitive price! We can see Gathering does meet members' expectation with their positive comments.

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